Thursday, January 6, 2011

There appears to be some type of mistake

We realized right after Thanksgiving that it was probably time to move Matt into his crib. Don't be shocked, but since his birth, he has been sleeping in our bathroom. Its a rather large bathroom with open space in the middle - perfect for a Pack and Play. Plus having him just a few steps away when it is time to nurse is a big plus for me early in the morning.

But back to the story... by the time we realized we should transition him to the crib, the holidays were upon us. We have Matt's crib in the office/guest room while we're still living in my mom's house, and we were going to have guests in the room during the holidays. It just didn't seem to make sense to go through the pain of one transition in early December to have to do it all again in early January.

Or I could just be dragging my feet :) Moving to a crib in a room far away seems like such a big boy thing, and this mama might not be ready for that.

I can remember when Luke and Will were about 6 months old (3 months home from the NICU), their combined weight exceeded the recommended weight for the basinet in the Pack and Play. The thing started to sag in the middle and they would roll into each other in the middle of the night. Will used to get so angry! We took that as a sign that they were tired of sharing, and rather than put two Pack and Plays in our bedroom, we moved them down the hall.

So Nate dropped the crib down to a level where Matt can't propel himself over the side, and we've been slowly attempting naps in the crib. Unless the mobile is playing, Matt is not a fan of his new digs. He can't see nearly as much as he can from the Pack and Play. He looks at me with very concerned eyes when I put him in the crib as if to ask "Mom, are you sure you want to do this to me? We have a really good thing going here. You don't want to mess that up."

Once he gets over this ear infection and is back to sleeping through the night, we'll attempt some nights in the crib too. I'm prepared for some crying... my own!

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