Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A boy and his bike

Nate fell in love with a bike more than a year ago. He's always talked about owning one, and spent a lot of time researching what type to purchase when the time was right. He'd tell me about it and I'd only half listen... I just didn't think he was ready. But one day, Nate decided that the time was upon us and brought home his well-researched, well-thought-out, well-decorated bike.

Ha. Just kidding. But don't you think that Nate looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun?!

Luke is now the proud owner of a Schwinn roadster tricycle... bright red, chrome fenders, and a wood deck off the back. Daddy couldn't be more in love with the bike, or enamored with its rider. I think he wishes that he could have one just like it.

For a while, Luke wasn't coordinated or tall enough to ride the new trike. Though he really wanted to ride, his feet couldn't reach the pedals and he would get frustrated easily. The tricycle got dusty in the garage. Luke and Nate would look sadly at the forlorn Schwinn whenever they were nearby.

Well now, Luke is finally tall enough and he knows it! He loves the tricycle just like Daddy does. Every day when he comes home from school, he wants to ride down the driveway. It doesn't matter if it is cold, raining, snowing... get that boy on his bike. He rides down the driveway, turns around before he hits the cul-de-sac, then comes back towards the house. Then he repeats.

Ahhh... true love. Just like Shakespeare, though, parting is such sweet sorrow... coming inside after a trike ride typically involves bribery or a temper tantrum.

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